Free Scheduling Meetings Software with Crypto Payment gateway

Planist unlike Calendly supported Crypto payment based on blockchain for scheduling meeting platform that makes “finding time” easy.

Planist is a FREE SaaS that offers the next generation of integration meeting scheduling and payment gateway.

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What sets Planist apart?

Unlimited Calendar

Access your calendars without restrictions so that Planist can give your customers the best offer to find your available times. So, make sure there is no interference in your meetings.

Fully Customizable

Display your logo, customize your own URL, and manage whether or not to display created events based on rules and exceptions. Everything is easily supported.

Various payment gateways

Monetize by crypto or traditional currencies? Which one is your preference? We support various payment gateways.

How to Use

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Sign up with your Google or Microsoft account.

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Set rules

Set rules

Adjust meeting scheduling rules and exceptions based on your needs.

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Share link

Share link

Submit your event to schedule an appointment.

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That's it

That's it

simply. Wait for the meeting recorded by your customers to be added to your calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of your possible questions about Planist here. Check them and if you still have a question that you did not find in our blog and other content, ask us.

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Is it possible to use Planist not free?

NO. We have a roadmap to developing new features to Planist, some of which may not be available for free. But we assure you that the core functionality of the Planist, which is about scheduling meetings with support for unlimited calendars and events, will remain free forever.

Is using Planist suitable for businesses?

We are analyzing the real needs of the business so that we can add new features to Planist for their convenience. Although some of the features in Plenist cover these requirements. If there is a specific requirement for your business that is not currently implemented in Planist, feel free to contact us to discuss it.

How to access SDK and APIs in Planist?

The development of SDK and APIs in Planist is in the testing phase. We will soon publish the documentation related to its accessibility.

How does Planist help me monetize?

You can create non-free events by configuring your wallet connection (Stripe, PayPal, or your crypto wallet). To reserve that type of event, your customer must pay according to your settings to make the final reservation.

Is it free to monetize my events?

Planist does not charge you any monthly fee for providing this option.
Depending on the provider of crypto or traditional currencies you use to generate income, a percentage of the transaction amount may be deducted as a service commission, which will be displayed to you on the event page.
Planist will deduct three percent of the event amount from you as a fixed commission and the remaining amount will be deposited into your account.

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