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Planist is a new and improved way to schedule appointments, classes, and consultations. It’s completely free and uses advanced technology to make sure everything is safe and secure. You can even accept payment in both regular money and digital currency.

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More things that set Planist apart from other meeting scheduling services:

Our Users

Active users from more than 42 countries

More Features based on your NEEDS

Register for free and give us feedback. The prioritization of features and the update of Roadmap Planist changes based on the real demands and needs of our users.

If you have special needs for your team and business

Planist has special programs for special design and customizations for organizations, universities, and educational centers. You can schedule a free meeting with us and discuss your specific needs.


Calendly Free

Calendly Paid

Planist Free

Planist Paid

Unlimited Calendars Connection

Google, Microsoft, Apple

Unlimited Active Events

Calendly Supported Maximum 6 Calendars and Planist have not any limitation

Custom Logo and Brand

Set your brand’s logo on your page

Live Support

Support 24/7 (live)

CRM Platform

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Zero Commision

For Paid Session and non-free session Commission fee (limited time zero on Planist freemium)

Customized Automation and Integerations

Coming Soon

Advanced AI/ML Reports

Advanced AI report and Price bid for your non-free sessions (Coming Soon)

SMART Contract

SMART Contract in Blockchain (Comming Soon)

Prepaid participation

By paying any amount between 25 and 50 euros, in addition, to access to the advanced features of Planist for one year after the launch, you can include your name on the Planist contributors page forever.
If you support Planist with any amount of more than 50 euros in this project, you can forever use all the non-free features of Planist after the launch and see your name on the Planist contributors page.