Planist's Change log

Planist is unlike Calendly completely free and supported Crypto payment based on blockchain for scheduling meeting platform that makes “finding time” easily.

October 2022

Show google’s meet URL to host and invitee

September 2022

03 Sep 2022, Users can edit their availability rules or create new one

June 2022

19 Jun 2022, Fix: Custom availability rules are set to default on second try.

18 Jun 2022, Display server side location's validation errors.

18 Jun 2022, Fix: prevent adding duplicate location of the same type.

08 Jun 2022, Add back button to ‘pick date & time’ step that redirects to user’s scheduling page

06 Jun 2022, Some menu items were missing in mobile sidebar.

06 Jun 2022, Add eye icon to password fields in order to change input visibility.

06 Jun 2022, Fix: Users don’t redirect to verify email page after registering.

06 Jun 2022, Remove language and dark mode icons, because they were distracting users.

06 Jun 2022, Fix: Reset password form doesn’t send payload to server.

01 Jun 2022, Users can get their event’s Iframe code and add it to their website.

May 2022

29 May 2022, Users can add social media links, job title and website address in their account settings

29 May 2022, Users can create secret events in order to hide it in their scheduling page

29 May 2022, Duo to user’s confusion about event link functionality; we add a help button next to it.

25 May 2022, Users can select which calendar they would like their Planist events added to. and also choose which calendar they would like Planist to check for conflicts.

25 May 2022, Encrypt calendar’s token (access & refresh tokens) to protect user’s privacy in case of database leaking.

25 May 2022, Change user’s booking document title

25 May 2022, Fix reported email verification issue.

25 May 2022, Fix: user’s description stores as ‘null’ string instead of NULL

15 May 2022, Integrated by Stripe and Added non-free event type for all members

04 May 2022, Adding Users Referrer

01 May 2022, Enhance user experience by adding 'save' and 'close' buttons to accordion's footer when creating or updating your event type

01 May 2022, We noticed that our users use menu toggle button as back button, so we change its functionality

01 May 2022, Fix incorrect margin left calculation for stuck view-wrapper like in account settings page

April 2022

29 Apr 2022, Right now users can click on event type card in order to visit edit page

29 Apr 2022, [Fix] Disable schedule button while waiting for response from server

29 Apr 2022, Show users' description in their page

29 Apr 2022, [Fix] Clear server validation errors after clicking on 'save & close' button

19 Apr 2022, Fixing bug in Users logo

17 Apr 2022, Getting the Users interesting

06 Apr 2022, Change the sending email notification flow

March 2022

31 Mar 2022, Improve get events from Google and Outlook calendars

25 Mar 2022, Updating Google OAuth

25 Mar 2022, Updating Microsoft OAuth

17 Mar 2022, Add validation rules for scheduled event API

06 Mar 2022, Generate user's slug after registration

04 Mar 2022, Ability to create event type with simple payload

February 2022

17 Feb 2022, Supporting Time Zone

04 Feb 2022, Fixing Availability API’s issue (WIP)

January 2022

31 Jan 2022, Availability rules

09 Jan 2022, Create calendar after email verification

04 Jan 2022, Update password reset link

04 Jan 2022, Fix: Must encode verify email URL