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Try the magic of Planist as the next generation of appointment scheduling tools for free.

The pleasure of experiencing access to insight reports provided by ML and AI, integration with cryptocurrency to generate income and registration of Smart Contracts on the Web 3.0 platform are part of the services that Planist has prepared for you.

We aren't first scheduling platform BUT

We, our users, are our business partners. Helping them meet their needs at the lowest cost is a win-win game for us.

New-Year Special Offer

Planist’s core functionality, including support for unlimited events, unlimited calendar connections, and customizations for your brand, are and will remain free.
But users who use this special offer to register in Planist and schedule at least 15 sessions with Planist by the end of February, can enjoy features like Planist’s artificial intelligence insights that are being developed (after launch) for six months. use for free Also, in the next six months, you will not pay any commission for your non-free events, and all other non-free features that will soon be added to the service will be activated for free for one month.