How Planist can help to scheduling meetings?

Planist is new scheduling software that can help you manage your meetings and increase productivity based on AI and ML. The Planist could help you automate your meeting scheduling by connecting to your Google calendar or Microsoft calendar. Thus, minimizing the waste of time to scheduling an appointment and increasing your productivity.
You can save this time for things like exercising, spending more time with your family, having fun or studying, and helping your mind grow and personal development.
In the last decade, many software for time management, productivity enhancement, and planners have been developed to help you achieve the goals I mentioned above. But why choose a Planist despite all the variety of products?
To answer this question, we will take a look at the published statistics.

Scheduling meetings in statistics

Statistical reports in 2019 show that 46% of appointments are requested and registered by customers.

  • 46% of appointments were made outside of standard business hours.
  • 54% of appointment requests recorded during business hours were made by people who were on the move and had not yet arrived at work.

And companies and individuals who did not consider online booking for their services lost about $70 million, Astrid Eira‘s reported.

Honestly, Google and Microsoft Calendar are the best tools that can help you are scheduling meetings and increase your productivity, but they are not enough.

What problem does Planist solve?

The process of requesting business or friendly scheduling meetings is generally such that the applicant contacts the person via email, phone or in-person, and submits the request.

The visitor checks their own work and personal calendar at the same time to prevent interference from the pre-arranged appointments and notifies the applicant of the time.

The applicant repeats the same process and, at best, accepts the announced time and records it in their own calendar, considering that he really has free time at the time of the announcement.

As you see, this process can take 3-5 minutes in the most optimistic case. So that if each person needs to schedule 5 sessions per day, with times lost due to the context switch to regain enough focus for work what he was doing to gain will lose about 1 hour a day.

This number will reach about 260 hours in a year.

As I mentioned, with Planist, each person can save 260 hours of lost time in a year. To more critical tasks such as being with family, fun, exercise, study, and rest to return.

We can give our users 260 million hours of lost time in our ambitious and achievable goals in the next 5 years.

What are the steps to work with Planist?

We have explained these steps in an instructional video as Planist’s introduction, and you have probably seen it on the website’s front page. If you have not seen it, you can see it from the first page of the website or this link, or the end of this section.

However, we will review these steps once again.

  • Register, or Sign up
  • Connect Google, Microsoft Calendar, or both to your account. E.g., Suppose you use Google Calendar for business meetings and Microsoft Calendar for your personal, connecting both calendars. In that case, this allows will check for empty times in both calendars to avoid interference between meetings.
  • Edit the default event we created for your convenience to suit your needs.
  • Specify the times you want to respond to meetings and record your own custom rules. E.g., you can specify that each session checks to register that there is no session in your work calendar one hour before and half an hour after that.
  • Copy the custom link you created for your event and share it with others without contacting you directly if requested by the meeting.

Why use a Planist instead of Calendly?

One of the Planist best features compared to our competitors is that we provide free features to our users. However, you have to pay a subscription fee to access other services.

We commit to keeping vital features free forever to achieve our goal of helping to increase our users’ productivity.

The other features we have provided to create a better user experience for our users are listed below. In addition, we have included a comparative table of some of the free features of Plannist.

  • Supported multiple calendars connection per user
  • Supported time zone
  • Set the customize buffer and time overriding
  • Set up minimum & maximum events per day
  • Eligibility for appointment (online or in-person)
  • Direct recording of the meeting in the calendar of the applicant and the visitor at the same time
  • Personalized event URL
  • Show/Hide your event list on your page.
  • Unlimited active event
  • Supported Google, Microsoft, Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365
  • Online Chat and no limited support

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