We shorten the time to set up your meetings to be together.

The magic of Planist for freelance consultants, mentors and all content creators is that you can easily use the crypto payment gateway and earn money for your sessions.

We aren't first scheduling platform BUT

In less than a year since the launch of the second version, we have been able to give users in more than 42 different countries a user experience that distinguishes us from other platforms in the market.
We have provided you with all the main features related to scheduling meetings, including support for unlimited simultaneous calendars, support for unlimited events, and customization of your business brand and logo for free, and this part of Planist will never go out of free mode.

Distribution of the Planist users around the world

Some of the development items in Planist's Roadmap

In Roadmap Planist, we have prioritized the comprehensive needs of our users that we have received from them in periodic feedbacks, and we will update Planist based on it in short periods of time.
At the same time, we have included these items in the product roadmap for long-term development and achieving the Planist goals.

AI insight reports

Comprehensive analytical reporting and creation of insights based on artificial intelligence. These reports will be created based on the behavior of each user who gives us access to it. In these reports, we try to provide recommendations of the best practices in increasing the productivity and income generation of our users.

Competitive pricing

We know that the time of independent consultants, tutors and professionals is priceless and cannot be sold. However, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, during the pricing of non-free sessions, we can offer each expert the real price of his consultation hour, so that they have a better chance of earning more.

We need your support

During the last year, we have expanded our users with a growth rate of 15% and we have been able to develop the second version of Planist based on the needs of our users.
Our goal is to keep the main features and key features of Planist free so that our users don’t have to pay to use these features.
At the same time, we have paid all the costs related to the development and maintenance of the services with a 99.99% uptime rate so that the user experience of Planist users is not affected.
Now we need your support to develop other features and optimizations related to Planist infrastructure.

Our goal is to keep the main features and key features of Planist free for our users